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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Horse Trail to the Caribbean

One of the most exciting activities my sister Dorothea and I experienced on our recent trip to Grand Bahama Island was horseback riding to the Caribbean. The prospectus described a two hour trek through pine forests, wetlands, and finally a ride on the beach. A few of the women from our group fantasized that the gallop along the Caribbean shore would magically turn them into replicas of Bo Derek, the perfect-bodied actress from the 1979 film 10 who engaged in the same activity. Of course this didn't happen, even though there were plenty of enterprising Bahamians offering to braid our hair in the cornrow style Bo made popular.

I really didn't know what to expect on our equestrian adventure. I hadn't ridden a horse since I was a kid. Or was it a pony? The first thing that struck me when I climbed atop my Bahamian stallion was the horse's height. Yikes! The ground looks so far away. What if he freaks and dumps me? I'll break my neck. I should have worn the riding helmet.

Jake, my Appaloosa, did not break out of a walk. He obediently followed the horse in front of him, who followed the horse in front of her, so on and so forth--a line of horses keeping to the narrow trail with our guide in the lead. We city slickers passed through dense forest, not knowing what was up ahead but fully trusting in the expertise of our guide to keep us safe, even during a thunderstorm, and to fulfill her promise. And she did. She brought us through to the climax: the plunge into the Caribbean.

I saw a lot of parallels in my Bahamian horseback riding experience to my walk with Jesus Christ. The Lord's path, like the horse trail, is no wide, smooth, dull parking lot. It is a rugged trail unwinding with great beauty and truth amid His valuable lessons. As I follow the Lord on His narrow path, I can only see my life at this moment. I do not know what will happen tonight or tomorrow, what trials and blessings I will encounter up ahead. All I can do is trust my Saviour to guide me and keep me till I land at the place He promised: a shore to end all shores, the happy golden one of Heaven.

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Lori said...

Great post! I love the picture of our spiritual journey as a road/ trail. It not only reminds me to follow my Lord on the end, but also that there IS an end. We are not home yet, and the beautiful scenery along the way only serves to highlight the void in me that only the beauty of God Himself can fill. A shadow of the joy to come!