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Monday, March 16, 2009

Over the Hill and Gliding Home

Some benefits of being 50+:

1. A. You finally understand everyone is flawed and you can't change anyone but yourself.
B. You find it much easier to love and accept each individual, including yourself.

2. A. You have a heightened sense that time is running out.
B. You no longer sweat the little things.

3. A. You realize there isn't one problem that doesn't have a solution.
B. You've become more optimistic, more patient.

4. A.You don't take yourself half as seriously as you once did.
B. Laughter comes more easily.

5. A. Most of the major brush strokes you will lay on the canvas of your life have dried.
B. You're freer to linger over the finer details.

photo: Cyclist on Mt. Hymmetus by L. Trecroce

1 comment:

Vicki Pappas said...

Wow, Lydia, did you write that? Profound, especially % A and B. Love the way you expressed that.
Again, thank you so much for drawing my name. I look forward to reading the book very much.