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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Teaching and Learning

Everyone teaches, regardless of whether teaching is their profession. Mothers and fathers naturally teach. Brothers and sisters teach. Spouses, friends, employers, acquaintances, strangers, children--no matter who you are or what your situation is in life, someone is watching and learning from you. Conversely, you learn from those around you.

What are good illustrations of teaching and learning? Let's pull out those snappy metaphors, and reach beyond the gardener and plant!

Here's mine: Teaching is like stocking a vast grocery store--displaying the fresh fruits and vegetables in the most appealing way possible. Learning is taking the produce home and creating spectacular dishes.


dot said...

Teaching is an alongside thing: bearing the weight of bike and child, holding them steady while the child pedals. Eventually the child is off pedaling on his own journeys.

Alex said...

Teaching is what he does to you when your pet hamster dies.

Learning is when you dissect him together with the other kids from your neighborhood.

(Teaching through experience/ learning by experiencing!)