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Friday, November 16, 2007

Lookin' Good

Got a favorite article of clothing? Something that, when you wear it, makes you feel good or pretty? I have this silk dress (left) that my son's fiancee brought me from China. It's a traditional Chinese dress called a xipao (pronounced chiPOW). The embroidery at the side seam is of a phoenix, the symbol for oriental queens. (Kings get dragons emblazoned on their jackets.)

When buying clothing for myself, I tend to go for pieces that are comfortable, practical, drab. I've worn the xipao once, so far (there weren't many occasions to wear it before the weather turned cool), and it made me feel very feminine and special. Boy, did the compliments flow when I wore that thing! I guess people were not used to seeing me in something so prissy.

Even more attractive than a xipao, or any article of clothing, for that matter, is a smile. A smile makes its giver look good and its recipient feel good. Ask any little kid. Out of the mouths of babes . . . When my boys were little, they would judge the characters of people they'd just met by whether or not they smiled. Alex and Dorian would come home from their first day of school, and the first thing each would say about his new teacher was either, "she's nice, she smiles a lot", or "she never smiles". Look at how kids draw people--happy faces everywhere! God is so good to us. No matter our situation, we can always find something to smile about.

Smiles are free and versatile; they brighten any outfit, and they never wear out. Now I'm curious. Which of your outfits do you like best to wear with your smile :) ?


dot said...

You're right— there's nothing more attractive than a smile. That's one thing people seem to remember most about me. (Many thanks for the braces, Mom and Dad!)
Just tonight, as I was putting on my coat at church, a dear lady said to me "You look happy." What's not to be happy about? The Lord is so good.
Yesterday, as I was waiting for a bus to unload so I could board, a young woman getting off unexpectedly shot a smile at me. A bright end to a long, chilly day!
Back to the clothing— I was also wearing my favorite skirt tonight. It's long, dark green, with a slender orchid print running up one side and a tiny bit of sheer fabric beneath the hem. I can dress it up or down; wear it with boots or ballet flats. It's like comfort food— it always makes me feel good.

Lydia Trecroce Tsirozidis said...


That's what I love about you. Even when you're going thru some major trial, you're always a joy to be around.

The skirt sounds lovely--dk. green & orchid are my two favorite colors. Guess there's no chance of a hand-me-down there, huh? Sounds like by the time you're finished w/that skirt, it'll be too threadbare! ;)

dot said...

You're so sweet.
Actually, you'll probably inherit the skirt before it's threadbare for the usual reason— I'll "outgrow" it!

Lydia Trecroce Tsirozidis said...

Tsch! Stop it. You will not. :[

Lori said...

Totally agree, although... I will admit, sometimes I feel like a dork because I am a smiler. I'll smile at people and they'll look at me like, "Are you okay?" LOL But I can't help it... it's the default position of my face.

fav clothes... I have a few vintage things (via garage sales and thrift stores) that always make me smile. And there is this one brown dress... high waisted, full knee-length skirt. 60's-esque. with ballet flats and a necklace, I feel like I can float instead of walk. :)

Lydia Trecroce Tsirozidis said...

Lori, at least you won't get frown lines when you age!

Your brown 60's dress sounds groovy.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a best outfit, but have a best friend of 70 yrs who, along with delicious pastries, generously passes along her pre-owned clothing to me.
Love, Leggy Leech

Anonymous said...

Leggy Leech,

You are just too funny. I wish you'd entertain us by commenting more!