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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Celebrating a Brand New Day

How many of us actually keep our New Year's resolutions? How many even remember what last year's were? Dropping our bad habits at some once-a-year vow is about as doable as swallowing a submarine sandwich whole. It's impossible. Real change, like nourishment, is accomplished consistently in bites.

The bites of renewal the Lord has given us are not our years, but our days. I love waking up each morning with the knowledge that the Lord has given me another fresh start, another chance to better please Him.

I snapped the above photograph from my balcony early one morning, because there's nothing more inspiring than seeing the sun rise. A new dawn, a new day full of hope and promise. New Year's Eve fireworks do not hold a candle to the sense of celebration the rising sun brings. The prophet Jeremiah said in Lamentations 3:

"It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness."

No one resolves to smoke or drink, live like a jerk, and be mean to people. Our resolutions reflect our desire to be good. And only Jesus Christ, the only sinless man who lived on the earth--God in the flesh--can give us the power to live right. He is called the "Sun of righteousness" who arises with "healing in his wings". If we look to Him daily for our improvement, we will find our resolutions achievable.



dot said...

That's so true, Lydia.
It's also true of the Christian holidays people celebrate only annually. To us believers, we can celebrate every day the relationship we have with our Savior because He left the heavenlies to be born in human flesh on that first "Christmas".
We can experience joy each day and look forward to an eternity with Him because of what He did for us that first "Easter".
The psalmist in 144:15 says "Happy is that people whose God is the LORD".
Happy New Year 2008 and Happy New Day today!

vasthi said...

There is something I love about the start of a new year. I love the endless wonderful possibilities ahead. The second-third-fiftyfirst- chance to do over. I think this is what everyone responds to with their resolutions. Unfortunately, man is flawed and so, only the divine can help him change. Therefore, only with Christ as you so eloquently said Lydia, can man truly change.
But with Christ the future is secure, beautiful, with burgeoning possibility. What better life could we live?

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Lydia, I couldn't have said it better myself. Each morning, afternoon and evening, I try to make time to thank the Lord for the day He has provided. I'm here only because of His grace.

Deb Piccurelli

Lori said...

That is one of my favorite verses and one that almost always brings tears to my eyes. How incredible that His faithfulness is new every morning! :)