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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Looking Back at 2007

Bahamian Stable by L. Trecroce

When I'm at the brink of a new year, I like to review all the exciting new things that happened to me in the previous year. Stuff I never dreamed possible at the start of it. Since, according to Bible numerology, seven is the Lord's number for completion or perfection, I will list seven blessings that stand out in my mind, which I am very grateful to God for. (Not in any particular order).

1. The new friends He gave me.
2. Being called to serve Him at the Refuge Center in Athens.
3. Meeting my future daughter-in-law.
4. Seeing my sons here together this summer after their geographic separation of 3 years.
5. Spending time with my twin sister in the Bahamas.
6. The opportunity to spend Mother's Day with my mom for the first time in more than 25 years.
7. Starting this blog.

How about you?

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