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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Edible Suns & Other Love Tokens

Dorian & Alex. Athens, Greece. February 1991

Consider the orange. Bright, orb-shaped, and tangy. Oranges always remind me of little suns. And when I think of how they reach their peak of ripeness in the winter months, I am amazed at God's perfect timing. How thoughtful He is to shower us with the sunniest of foods during the starkest, grayest season of the year!

The Lord continually surprises me with tokens of His love, and at just the right moments. Here are a few of His other timely gifts:
  • Blooms miraculously appear on houseplants I never even noticed buds on, when I'm feeling down in the dumps.
  • "Ta da!" --The sun hops out of the rainclouds the moment I'm about to rush home for an umbrella.
  • Sudden soft rain shushes the noise of a hectic day, after I've arrived safely home.
  • Someone utters an especially kind word to me on a day when I'm feeling stupid and ugly.
  • I hear the exact song I've been carrying around in my head on someone else's lips.
  • Black hole money/pen/chocolate/whatever, reappears the instant I REALLY need it.
  • Oh, and sunrises! But I've already covered those in my New Year's Day post.
Your turn. What token of love stops you in your tracks, catches your breath, and turns your grateful eyes heavenward?

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dot said...

Some recent ones I'm grateful for:
• an encouraging verse from a friend
• a sudden smile from a stranger (covered previously in Lookin' Good)
• (to piggyback on yours, Lydia) a tiny, green shoot on a brown, withered plant
• a snow day in the middle of a maddeningly busy week
• a sweet, chubby, baby who fell asleep in my arms on what had been a melancholy day
• an unexpected windfall of homemade shortbread cookies when I had missed dinner
• a small package in the mail
• a surprise autographed copy of a delicious collection of holiday stories!