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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Fearful Maiden

Once upon a time, there lived a little maiden who was afraid of people. She hid beneath her bed every time someone came to visit. One day, she heard knocking at the door of her family’s cottage. She scooted under her bed, but her mother forced her out. “Come say hello to your uncle and his friend,” her mother said. The gruff uncle criticized the little maiden, but the lady friend was sympathetic. A contortionist by nature, the auburn lady amused the maiden by twisting her body into unlikely shapes.

Nevertheless, the maiden continued to avoid people at all costs. Folks figured she was either dumb or conceited. But this was not the case. The maiden was not very articulate, and she feared any attempt to interact with another person might cause her rejection. Fear cast a spell on her and locked her up inside.

The maiden buried her head in her spinning and weaving, glad these pursuits did not involve direct contact with other human beings. But she wasn’t happy, for she knew people are what count in this world.

After a while, tired of living under the oppression of Fear, the maiden tried different charms to break its spell on her. Nothing worked, not even marriage to the noble knight, who whisked her to a far country and gave her two fine sons.

Then one day, quite by accident (so she thought), the fearful maiden, now a wretched lady, found the Wonderful Prince of Peace. She discovered that even though her character was less appealing than a cow pie, He loved her. Yes! He loved her so much, He gave up His life so she could become a beautiful princess. The new princess felt great sadness to see the Wonderful Prince, also known as Jesus Christ, die for her. But then a miracle took place: the Wonderful Prince came back to life as the King of Kings!

An amazing thing happened to the princess too. She realized that when you’re accepted by the King of Kings, you don’t need anyone else’s approval. The good King’s love broke the spell of Fear. As a bonus, He gave the princess, who previously had not much to say about anything, something worthwhile to talk about.

And then the good King gave the princess opportunities to meet people. He called upon her to teach classes and speak to congregations. Fear tried to sneak back into the Princess. It whispered, “Fool, if you try to do what the King of Kings asks, you will look like that dumb, ugly hippo in the Camden Aquarium.” (See photo above.)

The princess remembered what the Holy Scriptures said about facing Fear. Quoting the verse, she boldly replied, “‘I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me!’”

Just as the Wicked One had fled from the Prince when He quoted scripture, Fear ran away from the princess.

Then the princess read: “Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.” And she knew she could count on the good King to accomplish each task, no matter how difficult.

Because she trusted in Him, not only did the King of Kings empower the princess to gracefully fulfill her duties, but He blessed her as well. He gave her the lifelong desire of her heart—He connected her to people.

Photo by L. Trecroce


Anonymous said...

Lydia, beautiful story! So relevant, too. Love the hippo!


Brenda Susan said...

Lydia, this story has just this moment helped me say "Yes" to a scarey opportunity that involves my "stepping out" more & speaking out more. Yikes! Thank you for blogging this beautiful story.