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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Greece's Unholy Martyr

A fifteen-year-old protestor was fatally shot, here in Greece, when he attempted to fling a fuel-filled bomb at police. The two officers responsible for the shooting were promptly arrested. Nevertheless, the boy's death has sparked three days (so far) of nation-wide violence. The extreme and senseless reaction of protestors to the boy's death is nothing short of absurd.

A friend of mine gives insight into life in Greece and puts the recent incident into perspective when he writes:

"A few last words on the current riots and demonstrations in Greece.There was a large Christmas tree in Syntagma square and a ceremony scheduled to light the tree on Sunday...but the anarchists burned the tree!!! leaving a lot of sad, crying and disappointed children!! Prime Minister said the government (?) will pay for all the damages the criminals have caused? Where will you get the money Sir? What's that? You may have to raise taxes? Oh, I see! The minister of Education added fuel to the fire and replacements to the street gangsters by closing the schools so that ALL the students could go out and do their little part! Wise decision Sir! Last night ALL the TV stations were casting stones at the police! Not one positive statement in their favor! Imagine, the death of one 15-year-old boy has caused a tremendous upheaval in Greece! If people are so opposed to "killing" I ask them this question: According to a special medical report we watched, every year in Greece 350,000 mothers with the help of 350,000 doctors kill (murder/slaughter) their unborn babies! Not one word of protest is made by the State (Christian) Church; any part of the government, and sadly not even by the 10,000,000 citizens! If you are against killing, lets address ALL killing including the destruction of these poor unborn children........People laugh at me and call me some sort of weirdo....but all these people will one day stand before The Creator of the Universe and answer to HIM ! Good luck !"
--George Maravia

How sad it is that those involved in the rioting have chosen to follow an unholy martyr to their destruction! Jesus Christ, whose righteous blood was shed to cleanse our sins and give us everlasting life, is the martyr all men need follow.

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

AFP PHOTO/ Sakis Mitrolidis


Brenda Susan said...

How awful for everyone all around. Crowd mentality is a frightening thing isn't it? When i read something like this I always wonder what Gods heart must feel like as He watched His children.

Alex T. said...

Things are NEVER black and white. The further away we get from our myopic "black&white" viewpoint, the more grey we'll begin to see.

In this case, the kid was at fault, the police were at fault for disobeying orders/pretending to be gods, the parents of the kid were at fault, Greek society and education were at fault for enabling this kid to develop in the wrong way, and society in general was at fault here for promoting anger and violence in every form of media. This is just to name a few of the culprits.

Lydia said...

"For every tree is known by his own fruit. A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil:"--Luke 6:44,45

That's pretty black and white. It's time we stop blaming outside influences and take responsibility for our own actions. For each one of us will be held
accountable.(Read my post on "Character")

dot said...

Yeah, I agree.
There is no grey area with God, who we'll each stand alone before one day.