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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Red Chairs Diary

Dumpster Delight

This is one of a set of chairs I recently rescued from the great (free) outdoors. Since the wood color matched my kitchen table, and I badly needed new chairs, I gave these four-legged beauties a home. I changed the original ugly taupe fabric on the seats to a more practical wipe-able vinyl. I didn't have much of a choice in solid colors. But I liked the red. It matched some things in my kitchen, and it reminded me of the red vinyl seats on chairs my grandmother owned. After covering the seats, I realized I was continuing a pattern in my life.

Dining Room with Dog

Here are my dining room chairs with our dog wondering why in the world I'm not photographing her. She's such a ham! As you can see by the rumpled cushions, this set has been around for years. The cushions look pink in the photo, but they're actually burgundy red.

Taverna Chairs with Cat

This was one of my more popular T-shirt designs, back in the days when I designed and silkscreened T-shirts for the tourist industry here. Why I made them red, I'll never know. Most taverna chairs you see here are blue. Guess I just liked red. :)

Pointsettia Phase Two

Okay, not a chair. But it's red and I thought I'd throw it in for Christmas. I'm very proud of this plant. My mother-in-law gave it to me last Christmas. Unbelievably, it survived a whole year to give me a second set of red flowers/leaves (whatever they are) in time for this Christmas. The plant was much fuller. Unfortunately, a strong wind knocked over my folding clothes line, which lopped off the front branches.

Red is not such a great color on me, and I'm pretty picky about the shade, but it seems to be my default color. Out of all the primary hues, it is the one color that makes me feel complete.

A wonderful post about red is Brandon Cox's, The Scarlet Thread.

What's your favorite color, and why?


Brenda Susan said...

What a great post! It made me feel like I know you a bit better. I love red in a house too, it just says welcome & lively to me. I have always had a lot a blue in my home but am leaning more towards black & red & yellow. Sounds strange I know.

Alex T. said...

Great post. If you like red in the house, I suggest you come stay at my Chinese mother-in-law's place... A bull would have an epileptic seizure in there.

Did you increase the red saturation on those pointsettias? ;)

Lydia said...

I guess I went a little overboard retouching those flowers, huh? They really are strong red; they just didn't show up that way in the pic.

dot said...

Fun post. I also gravitate to red and use it as an accent color in my home. It's cheerful, but also strong.
Lydia, I think we look pretty decent in the non-fireengine variety– rusty red, cool red, orange-red.
Six years later, I'm still happy with my candy-apple red car!

Amy Deardon said...

Lydia, I didn't realize you had so many talents. Recovering furniture? Silkscreening Tshirts? Wow! And your poinsettia is lovely. I am in awe of anyone who can grow things -- My MIL calls me the plant hit lady and gives me her plants that she doesn't like, so that I'll kill them and she doesn't feel guilty :-)

Yes, red is a good color. Perky.

BTW, for fun, you've just been tagged! If you want to play, you link to my site and then list 7 random facts about yourself. My link is here

Merry Christmas!