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Monday, December 15, 2008

Win Chocolate!

My novelist friend Amy, who, BTW, gives great insight into story structure on her blog, just tagged me. I have to list 7 random facts about myself, and then I think I'm supposed to tag some other bloggers. Since everyone on my brief blog roll has already been tagged, I'll do something different. To make this worth your while, I'm turning the facts-about-me thing into a contest. Ugh, sounds egocentric, I know. Trust me, I'm not that interesting. But I want you to win this yummy Greek chocolate. So here's the deal:

Answer the questions below, and the first one to comment with all the right answers wins. (You'll find the answers somewhere on this blog.)

1. Who is the great love of my life?
2. What is unique about one of my siblings?
3. I once took lessons to play what corny musical instrument?
4. In which country were my grandparents born?
5. Which of the four seasons is my favorite?
6. Name one of my quirks.
7. What is my favorite Christmas carol of all time?

Happy hunting!

Immediate family exempt from winnings.


Anonymous said...

OK - I need Chocolate!!!

1. Jesus Christ Our Blessed Lord and Saviour!
2. Unique sibling-- kind and sweet twin sister Dot
3. Accordian?
4. Italy (of course!)
5. Spring?
6. Quirks?? Tearing post card ads out of magazines
7. Deck the Halls?
8. Thank you for sharing your talented writing skills, I enjoy reading your Blog!

Cous Dollie

Lydia said...

Hi Dollie,

Great try! 1-4 are correct. And I'll give you #6, even though I didn't mention this quirk on my blog. Hehe, I do tear post card ads out of magazines, just so I can turn the pages more easily. Hate those irksome stiff things! You can find my favorite season & Christmas carol by typing in the key words in the "search blog" feature at the top of my blog.

Thanks for playing the game.

Alex said...

1. Jesus Christ Our Blessed Lord and Saviour!
2. Unique sibling-- kind and sweet twin sister Dot
3. Accordian
4. Italy (of course!)
5. Autumn
6. Drinking a glass of water before you go to bed
7. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

I'd like that chocolate wrapped in green tinted paper please.

Lydia said...

Drinking glass of water before something, but not going to bed. :)
And did you read the fine print? Immediate family exempt from winnings!

No chocolate, but never mind. Those gingerbread people you see in the next post are headed your way.

Alex said...

Just add another dozen gingerbread folk to my package and we'll call it even. ;)