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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Clean Monday on Philopappou Hill

Yesterday Greeks celebrated Kathari Deftera or Clean Monday, their first day of lent. Traditionally on this holiday, people trek to the nearest hills with their families, fly kites and picnic on special foods. (You can see & read all about the unusual dishes here in my post from last year). Everyone relaxes, enjoys the fresh air and has a good time.

No matter how bad the weather has been previously, Clean Mondays always seem to dawn miraculously clear and mild. Peter and I took advantage of the spring-like day to climb Philopappou Hill--the hill next to the Acropolis. The following photos capture a bit of the festivities we found there.

The Athens "magic" tour bus. Psychedelic, man.

The guests of honor.

Getchyer hot popcorn and "old lady's hair" (cotton candy)!


Philopappou's summit. It was dangerous up there with all those kites! Poor Peter got hit in the head by one on its way down.

Free as a butterfly on a string.

All photos property of Lydia Trecroce. Do not use without permission.

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